Business loans.

Choosing the right business loan can keep you in the game, or have you leading the pack.


Buying a business, starting a business or expanding and diversifying an existing one is both exciting and challenging – and of course requires some level of investment.

Our Business Finance service helps our clients get a new business up and running or expand or diversify their existing one.

Whether it’s a start-up loan or finance for a new business segment, we take the time, effort and hassle out of finding the most appropriate loan for your business needs. We work with you and our network of commercial lending specialists to find the right product for your circumstances.

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The business loan process.

We will walk you through the process to make sure you get the right loan for your business. 

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  • Have a business plan

    Having a solid business plan is key to getting your business loan approved. Banks and lenders will ask questions like “Why are you borrowing money?” or “What do you plan to do with it?”. We can help you gain a solid understanding of your business strategies and objectives to help answer these questions and get your business loan approved.

  • Determine your risk profile

    This is where your credit history comes into play. We will delve into both your personal and business credit history. Once we know what we are working with, we can work together to paint your business in a favourable light.

  • Be realistic

    Borrowing the maximum amount of money your deposit can afford you isn’t always the right move. We’ll deep dive into your past financial statements to help understand your future cash flow forecasts to determine your monthly repayments.

  • Understand what's on offer

    There are many different loan types to suit your business needs. We’ll help you understand the benefits and downfalls of secured or unsecured variable or fixed-rate, principal and interest or interest only loans.

  • Apply

    Once we’ve worked through these steps, we can submit your business loan application!

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